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Benefits of automation

Significance for the company.


We offer innovative solutions that make it easy for companies to fulfill their GDPR responsibilities.

Get control of GDPR and Public Access - digitally.

The GDPR regulation requires that all companies ensure that personal data is stored and managed correctly. The GDPR regulation also establishes a right for the data subject, i.e., the person to whom the information relates, to:

  1. confirm whether a data controller processes personal data about them, and
  2. receive information about what information the data controller processes.

The right of access aims to provide individuals with insight into the processing and the opportunity to verify that the information processed about them is correct and lawful.

Likewise, the Public Access Act ensures that all citizens have the right to access matters in the public administration.

Digital Insight provides an overview of existing cases and the ability to create a new digital insight case within both GDPR and Public Access. The company's Active Directory controls who can access the insight module, and in the insight module, it is also possible to assign roles to individuals with access in relation to the tasks to be performed in connection with the processing of insights. The insight module automates the insight process while reducing the risk of errors and data breaches. The employees handling insights have a digital tool for processing insight documents, making the entire document handling process much easier.

Benefits of an automated GDPR solution.

Limit damage to the company's reputation.

Monitor activities, assess and mitigate risks, handle requests for individuals' rights, and report accurately on compliance efforts to minimize reputation damage and regulatory risks.

Ensures timely compliance with requirements

Timely compliance with regulations by automating processes to meet deadlines, reporting to authorities, and responding to requests for individuals' rights.

Critical data is constantly monitored.

Connect data with processes, content archives, and analytical solutions to strengthen information management and enhance data protection management.

Can be customized to meet new legal requirements.

Adapt solution tasks to ensure operational stability and meet new data protection obligations as they arise.

Increase customer loyalty.

Build trust with data protection solutions that confirm a commitment to protect, legally use, and provide accurate and timely responses to requests for individuals' rights.

Significance for the company.

Scheduled data review.

Ability to demonstrate to authorities that regular and planned procedures are carried out to ensure regulatory compliance. Statistics and overview are included in the solution.

Insight requests.

Organizations need to quickly fulfill requests for individuals' rights to maintain customer trust. Manual fulfillment of these requests is time-consuming and error-prone, often imposing significant additional work on employees and resulting in missed deadlines. We automate the process to reduce costs and ensure timely fulfillment.

Risk reduction.

Content in various data sources must be classified and protected to reduce the risk of data loss in the event of a breach. Personal information stored in unmonitored data sources cannot be identified and therefore poses a risk.

Data overview.

Records of the performed data processing show how personal data is stored, used, and retained. If the central processing activity is not well-managed, it can lead to issues with accuracy and auditability. We ensure that statistics and overviews of the executed procedures are available.

Solution components

  • Processes for reviewing documents in Sharepoint, Teams, Exchange, Onedrive
  • Processes for reviewing documents on local file servers and local mail servers
  • Portal with role and rights management at the individual level and overviews of personally sensitive data
  • Statistics for completed procedures
  • Portal for handling insight requests across the organization
  • Image processing process with AI-supported categorization and annotation


  • October 2018


    GR-1 moves to The Camp. The Camp is a co-working space for startups and is a collaboration between Tryg and Talent Garden Rainmaking, one of Europe's leading facilitators of entrepreneurship – see:
    more details.

  • November 2018

    Customer onboarding
    solution for SDC

    A new customer onboarding solution developed by GR-1 for SDCs customer Sparbanken Syd. The Customer Onboarding Solution digitalizes the customer onboarding process and makes it much faster and easier to change bank.

  • January 2019

    Service & Support

    GR-1 signs a service & support agreement with Region Hovedstaden. GR-1s service & support agreement is for an it-application used for patient treatment at the eye-clinic at Rigshospitalet.

  • March 2019

    Gladsaxe Municipality GDPR

    Gladsaxe Municipality and GR-1 enter into the first agreement on GDPR Scan. The agreement includes GDPR scanning of mailboxes on Office 365, as well as outgoing mail. The solution is tested by internal IT and selected users. Subsequently, Gladsaxe municipality decides to roll out GDPR Scan to all approx. 7,000 employees and the solution will be named "MyGDPR". MyGDPR has been continuously expanded as Gladsaxe Municipality has set new requirements for GDPR Scan. Today, MyGDPR is used for scanning images, shared mailboxes, Windows file drives, and a number of Microsoft 365 applications. Agendas and minutes, which are posted on the municipality's website, are also continuously scanned.

  • March 2020


    ATEA and GR-1 enter into a cooperation agreement to deliver MyGDPR to ATEA's customers in Denmark via ATEA's department for IT security. Read more about ATEA here: ATEA Danmark

  • August 2020

    Danish Parliament

    Together with ATEA Danmark, GR-1 enters into an agreement with the Danish Parliament to deliver the search portal to be used by the Danish Parliament's Committee investigation team set up for the Rules of Procedure regarding the handling of covid-19 in spring 2020. The search portal is used in connection with the investigation team's work to review the over 2 million pages provided by the authorities to the investigative team. The search portal is delivered at the agreed price and time. The completed report can be downloaded here: Covid 19 report

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Kim Gröne


Kim has successfully run his own IT-company called DataKomm A/S for more than 25 years. DataKomm was sold to SDC in 2013 – a datacenter for 120 banks in Scandinavia. Kim was then appointed director for SDC Sweden and SDC Integrations until Kim once again choose to start his own company – GR-1. Kim is M.Sc. and PhD from The Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Morten Stamhus

Sales director

Morten is responsible for sales and new business development at GR-1. Morten comes from a position as sales manager at SDC and has also been the project manager for a GDPR solution for all the Danish banks at SDC. Morten is Master of Business Administration in International Business from Copenhagen Business School (CBS).


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